AMEX integration down?

Is the AMEX integration down for everyone? Literally been down since October 7. Tillery Support will not get back to me or provide an update.

Super frustrating.

Yeah I’m having the same issue. Very frustrating!

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Hi there,

Yes, our data provider, Yodlee is having an outage with American Express right now.

The known symptoms are:

  • cannot reconnect or add American Express accounts
  • not receiving transactions from American Express

We’ve been provided with an estimated fix date for this issue, which you can find and track here:

In our experience, it’s possible these ETAs can continue getting pushed back so our best recommendation is to manually track this account until it’s working properly and check the Institution Outage Dashboard regularly.

I’m sorry for this inconvenience.


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Given Amex is most likely one of their largest partners, I am shocked it would take Yodlee near 2-weeks to resolve this.

This seems to be back up and running if you wanted to update your users :+1:

AMEX still not updating for me.

AMEX working for me now.

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