Amex: Just got 500 old/duplicate transactions filled ranging from 11/25/2022 through 8/3/2023

I just filled my Google sheet, and was surprised to see 500 new transactions.

Turns out they were very old AMEX transactions from 11/25/2022 through 8/3/2023.

Is this a known issue?

This was an unpleasant surprise and alarming.

Same…trying to figure out exactly what to do here. They duplicated the transactions I had manually loaded from the transition from Mint.

Same issue with duplicate AMEX transactions on my sheet also. I agree, it looks to be the imported Mint transactions which were duplicated. My duplicates stop on 2023-08-07.

My plan is to sort + delete them.

I caught them before running AutoCat which made deleting the duplicates simple. But if you missed that chance, you can look at the “Date Added” column. That way you can see that entries from 2023 or earlier were added in June 2024, which will help you clean them up.


235 “new” Amex transactions filled this morning. None of them are actually duplicates, they are just old transactions from 6/1/2022 to 10/31/2023 (11/1 is the earliest transaction in my Tiller sheet. My guess is that the Amex feed used to only go back 3 months, but now it goes back 24 months so these are transactions that Tiller had not seen. Easy enough to delete and hopefully just a one time glitch.

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I had the same listed in Hello Money but they weren’t pulled into the transaction sheet.

I also had old transactions from July 2022 - October 2023 added today from Amex.

Funnily enough, I had one old transaction pop in. I just thought it was a weird anomaly but it must be part of this.

Same here, 4 of them…

And now a bunch of duplicate/old transactions from another institution.

One of the reasons I chose Tiller was that it was rock solid. These days it is sometimes trying.

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at - They will be able to investigate these issues.