Amount shown as "Available" expenses on Monthly Budget Dashboard is not congruent with categories/groups

Using the Envelope Budget Template and on the Monthly Budget Dashboard…on the dark gray “Expenses” row (and again at at the top left where it gives % of expense budget remaining) it says I have $2 remaining and available to be spent.

However, when you look below to find which group that $2 is under every single category and group are perfectly allocated with $0 remaining. Where is it pulling the $2 from?

I have zeros all the way down below it in all expense categories and groups under the “available” column and I have zeros all the way down under the rollovers column so a rogue rollover amount is not factoring in.

The “Budget” and “Actual” columns are off by $2 on the Expense Row that is a dark gray and the “Available” column on the same row says $2. But there are no other indications of anything not being equal below it in all categories/groups.

Advice? Thank you!

No response. Then I will have to assume things will always be “off” so I can’t really trust my numbers are far as a zero-based budget goes.


Sorry for the delayed reply here. It might be due to rounding. I’d recommend reviewing the Budgets History sheet to see if there is possibly some rounding causing an issue?

Budgets History is a hidden sheet by default where all the values are being stored that are displayed on the Monthly Budget sheet.

Let me know if that helps.


Thank you so much, that was it!

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