Announcing Open Banking Support for Capital One

Thanks for the update here. That’s good to know. I’m guessing you mean there wasn’t a checkbox for the closed card during that part of the process?

@yossiea, do you mind reaching out via chat to let the team know these details and we can work with our data provider to see if they can pull in that so you can continue to get balance updates?

Thanks Heather, I’ll dig into some more…


Fantastic news @heather and the Tiller team. One quesiton about the manual migration and the need to clean up duplicates. Is that clean up process just going into the Transactions tab, and manually deleting the 3 months of transaction rows? Any more to it than that? Anytime I’m manually deleting transactions, I get a little nervous. But if it’s just deleting those duplicate rows, I can handle that. Thanks!

It has been almost two weeks and it still does not work. It keeps saying try again later. This is not an improvement. Can we go back to the old way of doing things that worked ?