Annual aggregation of expenses and YoY Comparison

Is there any preexisting and automated way to pull annual expense data, aggregate it and compare it year on year? I built a rudimentary spreadsheet but it doesn’t automatically populate and I need to hard code the older years.


@jpfieber has a Transaction Comparison that might work, or at least give you a great starting point.

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Thanks so much. Thats a great tool but I don’t need to see individual transactions and want to compare all categories simultaneously, eg Discretion Expenses and Dining, Groceries, Clothes etc all in one sheet.

OK, there is a solution tool called Period Comparison.
Docs: Tiller Community Solutions Add-on - Google Sheets / Show & Tell - Tiller Community ( you can try. You can add it by the Solutions menu.

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This is it! Thank you so much. Works great!

Does the Period Comparison template help in this context, @jim.pickell?

It’s perfect! Well would like more than 2 but pretty awesome! Where can I post a thumbs up!? Thank you

You can see that the dates are specified in AH11:AI16… so you can add ranges or break out of the prepopulating ranges by changing what is there.

You should also be able to pull more ranges by copying & inserting new blocks from the N:S range and linking to the new date ranges— the power of spreadsheets!

Have fun out there.

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Thanks Randy. Loving this (and I personally find it much more useful when you have years of data to play with).

I’m in middle of adding a third period, I have everything but the “Net Values.” I’ll see if I can get to it this weekend and push it to my shared sheet.

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Here’s the link for my modified version of the Period Comparison report. I think I got all the formulas, but let me know if something is missing.