Any way to update accopunt balances without syncing transactions?

I have linked all my accounts, including investment, IRAs, etc. However, all of the interest transactions, dividend reinvestment, account tax re-balancing transactions, were showing up in my Transactions tab. I would rather not see all of these transactions, so I stopped these accounts from automatically sync’ing. But, that also prevents them from updating their balance in the Balances tab.

Is there any way to set it up so that the account balance is updated, without adding all the transactions to the Transactions tab? Or, would I need to auto-categorize all the transactions from these accounts with a specific category, and then auto-hide those?

There’s no way to do it at the moment, but there’s a very recent request for exactly this functionality in the Feature Request channel. You might upvote that. Nobody from Tiller has responded yet on the feasibility of a balances-only feed.

@dmetiller it looks like that feature request post was removed. There’s a link to it in the solution to this locked post, but the link is dead. @heather do you know what happened to that link you posted?

Also, is there an official recommendation on how to handle investment transactions until we get this feature? I can’t imagine a scenario in which I would ever want to know about any investment transaction, so should I simply delete those rows from my Transactions sheet? Is that effectively what would be happening with the feature?

This is the consolidated feature request for this: