Anyone else having problems with Discover card updates

My Discover card account has not updated in two days. Try manual update and it just hangs on “Retrieving Security Information”

Oh, outage sheet shows temporarily unavailable.

Was wonder when you added the discover account? I’ve been trying to add mine for the past few weeks and have been getting technical errors. Tiller currently has a tick out with them. But otherwise still no luck.

My Discover card has been added for a while. Probably 6 months or more. I was able to get it to update once. I think the problem is on Discover’s side.

Ahh I see; yeah; it’s unfortunate since discover has been so easy to work with otherwise.

Back up and working now!

i guess if you’re already connected it’s fine; but I still can’t add my credit card accounts. When you guys originally added your discover cards, did you do the text to cell number as the 2fa or a different method?