Apple Card support

YNAB now can connect to Apple.card. It looks like there must be some cost for aggregators to have this ability. As always, Apple is still an exclusive club!

I hope I’m wrong, but I’d bet that the cost is that you have to be an iOS app. All of the coverage on this has been about Apple giving access to apps, not to aggregators. Apple takes a big cut from its App Store (much to the frustration of those who post their apps on the App Store).

I don’t think so. It looks like YNAB will sync with your iPhone Apple card/wallet. YNAB has a PC app, so I guess it’s not exclusive to iOS devices. I’m sure YNAB has an “arrangement” of some kind with Apple to do this. Anyway, not an issue for me since Apple card is not available in Canada. I took another look and you definitely have to have an iOS device for the sync with YNAB to happen. Doesn’t surprise me as the Apple Card looks to be an iOS type service and Apple has always been a monoculture.

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But I bet the YNAB syncing is happening through the iOS connection, not the PC app, even if you don’t use the iOS app.

I think you are correct that the sync comes from the iOS device. Apple still needs it to be an “Apple World”.

Two different providers that I checked state that you need their iOS apps to make the connection and further they both suggest that it’s required to enable “Background App Refresh” to keep transactions current. One says that you should keep their app running in the background. The iOS communication path seems a critical link whether you then view via other methods like web application or desktop client.

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Dang… so Apple Card is not longer supported again? It was working so good, with no issues since August of 2023. Really hope this gets fixed again. Tiller was the only service I could find that had a reliable connection.

For those that may be interested in getting Apple Card transactions into your Google Sheets spreadsheet prior to using month end statements, I’ve published an idea that can be checked out here:


FWIW, this integration is huge for me as I use my Apple Card as my primary spending method because of the Daily Cash and it being deposited into a high yield savings account. I agree the iOS app is likely the path for syncing transactions, and since Tiller is not an app-based service, we’ll likely not see this until the aggregator is granted access to Apple Card accounts as well.

I’ve taken to downloading the CSV each month and processing it via a Python script before dumping into a sheet in my budget template for touch ups before copy/pasting into the transaction sheets.

I agree that seeing all those charges a month later isn’t super helpful in budgeting, but on the flip-side, I know what I’m spending and I should probably be more proactive about that :wink:

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I’m curious about what processing you’re doing in Python. I’ve taken to just downloading the CSV, importing it into GSheet, dropping the columns I don’t want, and copy/pasting the remaining rows into the generic Back CSV Import Template from Tiller. I then export THIS sheet as a CSV and import it into Tiller. The whole process takes about 2 minutes, so I’ve been frustrated by it but not so frustrated I’ve felt a need to automate it.