Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management

So I have finished entering data for Accounts tab, Asset Type tab, and Brokerage Mutual Fund tab, but my Auto Asset Allocation tab is showing blank. Not sure what went wrong?

You are getting the red triangles because the “Data Validation” was not refreshed. Data Validation creates the dropdown menu that gives you the list of possible asset types. You can fix this by first selecting cells S2 thru the bottom of the column the go to “Data” on the menu on the top of the sheet and then select “Data Validation”
You will see the Data Validation definition menu shown above. You just need to reselect the range Accounts$U$21:$U$61 on the accounts sheet. If you look in the those cells the possible assets defined on AssetType spreadsheet should be shown.
If this doesn’t work or you have additional problems let me know. It always these little problems crop up when I try to integrated new sheets into an existing application. I will help you get through it.
Now the drop down menu should so all the available options

Thank you so much the red triangles on my Accounts tab are gone! However, my Auto Asset Allocation tab is still showing blank? (screenshot posted on 3/14 in this thread)

The references for Auto Asset Allocation are in columns Y to Z of the sheet. If you pasted the sheet into an existing workbook it needs to re-establish the references. The way I do this is at least temporary change the reference to “Copy of Accounts”. you can see in the screenshot the Green Accounts cell has a small green arrow for a pull down. This allows you to change the references from “Accounts” to "Copy of Accounts ". If you had copied the Accounts from my workbook into yours it will point to the new “Copy of Accounts” once you do this. Each spreadsheet you copied over has this reference issue and drop down menu. Don’t know how to avoid this problem in Google Sheets. You are almost there, once you get these references squared away it should work. If you continue to have problems I’ll send you my direct email and then I can give you my phone number and I can walk you through it.

Thanks again for sharing this @bill, and for your input today.

This is a great workflow and I’ve really appreciated it’s utility in helping to guide my asset allocation. I’m running into an issue and wondering if anyone has ideas for troubleshooting:

I had an account that previously contained US Stocks and now contains US Bonds. I’ve changed the “Asset Type” in the Accounts sheet, but the asset type has not updated in the Auto Asset Allocation sheet or any of the downstream sheets in the workflow. Am I missing something here? Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi @bill is the asset rebalance sheet here: Asset_Rebalance_Template_Rev4 - Google Sheets still the latest we should pull from?

I’ve been fiddling for a bit and it seems like some of the data validations aren’t wired up? Did the template maybe get broken?

“Accounts: An “Asset Type” column is added to the Accounts sheet. This column has a drop down menu that allows the selection among 39 Asset Types.” → this doesn’t appear to be true in the Rev4 sheet. Do I make it a dropdown? Where does it pull those 39 types from?

The percentages in “Detailed Annual Returns” where does it pull that data from - or is that info static?

Cheers - thanks!

Hey. Just an FYI. There seems to be a lot of personal data in this sheet like account numbers and amounts. Would recommend not sharing.