Attaching documents into Annual Budget Template

There is a Annual Budget Template. Is there a way to attach documents as invoices into that template…?

While attaching documents directly to your sheet might seem convenient, it’s not the most efficient approach due to potential file size and performance issues. Instead, if your invoices are stored in a cloud storage platform like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Evernote, or OneNote, you can easily insert a hyperlink to the file within your sheet. This way, when you click on the link, the document will open in a new tab, keeping your sheet cleaner and responsive. I personally use this method for linking receipts to specific transactions and find it to be a helpful way to get more details about the transaction if needed.

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@Jonny I agree here with @brettanicus especially regarding performance. I would suggest that you put in links to the respective invoice documents in columns such as “Note” / “Notes” or similar, depending on the template.

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Is there a more user-friendly option? The person who manages the tracker is 80 years old. He collects payments from apartments; however, I’m not sure he understands the concept of documenting invoices in the Cloud and linking them with a URL.

Could Google or MS Forms be customized so that the data can be entered directly into that tracker?

That’s helpful to know more about the scenario. So you’re tracking payments from renters, and there is more information from an invoice that you want to attach to that transaction? Also, are you using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel? This might be more than you’re looking for, but there is a Property Rental Manager Sheet template available as a community solution.

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