Attempting to signup with Google login sends to "Oops, we couldn’t find that account"

I am trying to signup for the free trial. However, after I click on the google account I want to use, it acts like I’m actually trying to login and sends to an error page entitled “Oops, we couldn’t find that account.”

The tracking ID in the technical details blurb is 2e50479810ebe2accc84.

Hi @cjamessutton - sorry about that! We are planning to push a change very soon that we hope will address this issue.

I’d recommend trying in an incognito browser session. It has something to do with cookies in the browser and usually an incognito/private session will fix it.

That worked. Thanks for the tip!

You should probably suggest that on the error page.

Oh good call! We also pushed and update yesterday we hope will address this entirely.