Auto Cat Enhancements

It would be a nice addition to auto cat if it would also allow the user to change the description at the same time as it adds the category.

For example, there are certain monthly transactions, like Netflix or Prime Video, which are slightly different each month. It would be convenient that when it adds my category to the Netflix transaction that it also changes the description to just Netflix. I realize I could do this with other Excel functions but if I am going to use Auto Cat it would be great if it had more functionality.

Anyone else find a fast way to tackle this?

It can do that. Just create a ‘Description’ column and add what you’d like it to replace the existing description with. I do this with a lot of the retail stores I go to, replacing all caps or abbreviations with nicer looking labels.

Very cool. I see that I have to delete the category for it to replace the description, but that is easy.


I don’t think so, I’ve had it change category and description without an issue.