Auto Update really Automatic?

Often I find that I have to launch the Tiller Feed Add-on and click Update, even though I have Auto Update turned on…is this expected? I thought it was supposed to sync once a day,
For example, today I didn’t have any transactions for the last 4 days in the spreadsheet. Auto Update was turned on…but I hit Update Sheets anyways. Then the new transactions for the last three days appeared.
I think it was more consistent back when the spreadsheets were Tiller owned.

I’ve wondered the same. I’m using Microsoft Edge, which has a ‘sleep’ function now for tabs that haven’t been used in a set amount of time. Haven’t done any testing, but I wonder how that affects when a sheet would update. Even though I have Auto Update enabled, I usually update manually just to be sure I’m getting the latest numbers.

I have the same issue too and have always wondered.

Yep also started having same issue

Same here. I assumed auto update was for the sheet updating automatically from the accounts and not the accounts automatically updating. I would like to have the accounts auto update every day.

Hi @stuart,

Thanks for your question here.

This might be expected depending on the timing of your accounts refreshing and whether or not they can automatically refresh.

The Auto Update is a process that grabs available data from our database and puts it in the sheet.

It usually runs between 12-3AM.

If your accounts don’t refresh until 4AM then the Auto Update had nothing to bring in so you’d want to click “update sheets” - BUT if you have Auto Update turned on when you launch the add-on it should automatically start updating to fill in new data.

Some accounts don’t automatically refresh and require you to visit the Console or Connected Accounts to manually refresh them either with a code for a second security layer or because the auto refresh capability has been disabled for your institution.

Sometimes there can be delays in pulling data due to transactions that are not yet cleared by the bank or card issuer or temporary errors or disconnections

Hopefully that helps.