Autocat by Full Description AND Account #.?

I have two rentals in my town. They both use the same power company. Each property is paid with a different credit card. The Full Description is identical for both. The only way I can see to give them a separate category is to have two criteria… Full Description AND Account Number. Is this possible? Or is there another way?

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Hi @Machoo,

Yes, you absolutely can do this! If you turn on the Advanced Rule Builder, you can select any of the available columns to use as matching criteria, including Account #.


Alternatively, you can manually add a column to your AutoCat sheet with Account # Equals (or any other desired column) in the header row.

Thank you!

I was successful adding the rules via advance rule builder!

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I have looked for the Advanced Rule Builder selection in my Excel workbook version and do not see it. Is this only available for the Google Sheets version. If true, it would be nice to clarify which version a topic refers to. Possibly in the Header along Ask Anything as Google Sheets or Excel or flag both is applicable.
Thank you.

I can see that this is a little confusing, @dmelideo. The Advanced Rule Builder is only available for Google Sheets at this time.

But, it is worth noting that it only creates simple rule rows in the AutoCat sheet. The AutoCat engine is the same in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

TLDR; While the Advanced Rule Builder is only available in Excel, you can create the exact same rules manually in Excel… and they will run the same in both platforms.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Randy,

I am successfully using AutoCat but was interested when reading about the Advanced Rule Builder. The blog/article was flagged as Google Sheets, I would have skipped.