AutoCat Categorizing Amazon Transactions

I have three AutoCat rules related to Amazon Transactions. Because of the way AutoCat prioritizes processing, transactions aren’t being categorized as I’d like.

My AutoCat sheet is sorted alphabetically by Category.

Shopping: Amazon = if the description contains Amazon
Subscription: Audible = Regex if the description contains audible audiobooks|audible
Subscription: Music= Regex if the description contains amazon music

I just noticed that these rules are not working because the description for all three of these types of transactions contain the word “Amazon” which is being processed before either of the “Subscription” rules because Shopping comes before Subscription and because I’ve sorted my AutoCat sheet alphabetically by category.

Is it possible to configure AutoCat rules to exclude specific words from the categorization? e.g. Description contains “Amazon” and does not include “Audible” or “Music”? Possibly a Regex rule?

If not, other than unsorting the category column, is there a better way to deal with this?

The AutoCat sheet is designed to be sorted by the order you want the rules to run, since it stops once it finds a rule that matches. I’m certain a Regex rule could be constructed to do what you want, but it’s extra work and processing for no real gain. I like all my stuff sorted nicely as well, but this is one sheet where you need to change your mindset to accept run-order instead of alphabetical…

Thanks, @jpfieber .