Autocat Description Override Not Working

The autocat description override feature has stopped working for the last two downloads. Prior to this, never experienced any problem. I’ve set the autocat to auto any uncategorized transaction upon download. It works for the REF and CATEGORY fields but does not work for the DESCRIPTION field as before.

Are you saying that your rule has criteria that are fulling the REF and CATEGORY columns, @lbsunbum, but that the same rules are not ALSO populating the DESCRIPTION column?

Double check that there is an EXACT match between the column name in the Transactions sheet and the override column name in the Autocat sheet. A leading/trailing space or possibly difference in the case could break the override.

Thanks for replying

I’ve been using AUTOCAT for several months without any problems. Any that did occur were my fault with a specific rule.

My rules have criteria that are filling the REF and CATEGORY columns correctly but suddenly are not re-populating the DESCRIPTION column.

I’ve checked to ensure there are exact matches. As I have stated above, this failure to re-populate the DESCRIPTION column is new. I haven’t changed anything in my AUTOCAT rules which would have caused this.


@lbsunbum I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

Just choose “Something else” in the bot options and let them know to pass to me per my reply here in the community. It will be easier to troubleshoot that via official support channels, but we can follow up here when we figure out what’s going on.

Thanks, I will reach out to support later today

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