Autocat in Microsoft Excel

Has anyone built a version of autocat in excel?

Playing with the google version it seems simple to implement via VBA macro and the find() function.

However I don’t know how tiller would handle changing data on the spreadsheet on columns adjacent to the data table or within it that aren’t calculated by tiller.

It looks like the autocat doesn’t change any row where a subcategory is already filled. So that’s encouraging.

We have AutoCat for Excel available at a very early beta stage if you’re interested in trying it out, let me know :slight_smile:

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I am interested in Excel Autocat Beta.

I would be VERY interested in beta testing it for you.

I’d like to work with the Excel Autocat please.

I’m on a trial right now and didn’t realize Autocat was only available on Google Sheets. This is a deal breaker for me, as I’ll be using Excel exclusively, so this would be great if it could be used in Excel now. Thanks!

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I am interested in testing anything related to Excel improvements with Tiller.

I spent a full weekend comparing Tiller to MS Money for Excel. The primary issue was if i would have to write my own AutoCat or not vs paying for Tiller while MS Money is free. .

Looks like we’re experiencing an issue with this beta feature right now so I have to pause on sharing it until we can get it fixed.

If you’re interested in joining this beta waitlist, click here to complete a quick form.