AutoCat multiple-match criteria -- maximum recommended per row? (or max rows?)

Great to learn about AutoCat’s multiple-match criteria feature. Example: categorizing multiple restaurants in one Autocat row, with description looking like this:

“China North Dumpling”,“Fujiyamaya San Franciscoca”,“A Desi Cafe”

Now I wonder what would be the maximum recommended per row?

Or is it better for performance (speed of processing) to reduce the use of multi-criteria, and instead put them into separate rows? If so, what’s the maximum recommended number of of rows for Autocat?

Thank you. I’m enjoying Tiller!

Hi @GeorgeKao

Glad you’re enjoying Tiller :slight_smile:

There isn’t really a maximum number of rules that we are aware of, but the more rows/rules you have the longer it will take to process your sheet. I’d recommend adding them all to a single row as multiple criteria and see how that goes. That would give us some feedback on whether or not at some point it maxes out :wink: but there is no limitation built into the code for max criteria in a multi-criteria rule.

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As @heather said, I think you are pushing the limits as much as anyone, @GeorgeKao. Having written that code:

  1. There is no limit on the number of match criteria.
  2. I’m going to guess it is essentially a toss up performance wise.

Let us know how it goes.


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Great to have this response from the developer himself! Thank you @randy . Given that it’s a toss-up performance wise, it seems easier to organize by using multiple rows, instead of multi-criteria within one row?

Up to you. I can see arguments both ways.