AutoCat not running when needed

I am having trouble with AutoCat not running when I want it to. I redid all of my categories and updated my AutoCat sheet. I tried running it on All, uncategorized, I deleted the tab and reinstalled, I even deleted all of the category info on my transactions sheet. Nothing is working.

Here is an AutoCat troubleshooting article from the Help Center that might help.

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Did the troubleshooting guide help? We definitely want to get this working if it’s not. Often, one issue can be authentication. If you’re logged in to multiple google accounts in the browser, this can sometimes confuse AutoCat. Another common one is a blank line somewhere in the middle of the list of AutoCat rules.

It has started working again. I’m not sure why. I did delete it and reinstall, but at first it wasn’t working. Not sure what I may have done to make it work again. I got called to a meeting right in the middle and can’t remember if I did anything. lol

I had same issue and I did all the options, and last I just reinstalled it. Fast and easy. Just copied everything over and it started working immediately.

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