AutoCat Not Working

My AutoCat just stopped working. The sheet is still there but I can do nothing! When I go to “Manage Solutions” it’s there, but when I click the down error nothing happens. When I click the “About Solution” it says “No Solution Selected Select the tab of a Tiller-managed solution to use this feature.” However it’s right there! I tried deleting it but while that took it out of my solutions, it was not listed in the “Add Solutions” I just want to hide an account from reports. I tried marking them as hidden in the Accounts tab but they are still showing up in my monthly report.

Hi @twirl23,

So it sounds like you have two issues here. AutoCat stopped working and you’re trying to hide an account from reports.

As far as removing AutoCat from your sheet, to get it back you’ll want to use the Tiller Money Feeds add-on (not the Labs add-on).

As far as a hidden account still showing on a Monthly Report, can you let me know what monthly report you’re referring to? Marking it as “Hide” on the Accounts sheet should hide it from reports in the Foundation template or added via the Labs add-on.

I’m not sure where AutoCat comes into the mix with this account hiding issue :thinking:

Of course now it’s working! I was probably doing something wrong!

What I really want is to be able to hide all transactions from my retirement account in the transaction tab without having to create a filter for it.


Thanks for the clarification here, @twirl23. There isn’t a way to hide them in the Transactions sheet if the account is linked to the sheet (feeding data in) and I’m guessing you want to be able to see the balances for those accounts, but not necessarily the transactions.

Some folks use a workflow where they just use AutoCat to categorize those transactions using a transfer category type or a hidden category so they don’t show up on the budget calculations (assuming you’re using one of the budget templates from us or the community). They’ll still show in the Transactions sheet, but you won’t have to deal with categorizing them.

This is the really hinky not-quite solution that I use. I have a conditional formatting rule that says color all transactions from my investment accounts the lightest gray. They don’t go away but the non-investment bits pop out so that at least it’s an easy to see what I want to see and kinda almost hide what I don’t.


I like that, @susandennis. Conditional formatting is a powerful friend.