Autocat taking a LONG time, and not working fully

I’m using Tiller in Google Sheets. Recently, Autocat seems to take like 20-30 minutes to finish when I manually run it. It used to take just 2-3 minutes. On top of that, I don’t think it is recognizing the last few rules that I added.

For reference: I am using the option " Auto Run On Update" and “Run only on uncategorized transactions”.

This troubleshooting article seems geared for Autocat errors, but I have none: AutoCat Troubleshooting | Tiller Help Center

Any thoughts or tips I can try?


Hi @lauren_knows,

Are you still having issues with your AutoCat running slowly?

Do the most recent/new rules you added have quotes in them for trying to match on multiple criteria? If so, you might want to check out this post about the differences in how quotes are displayed/used. That could be causing it to not match on some rules.

As far as it taking a while to run, I"m not sure on that one, but if it’s still an issue I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

Let us know if you still need help!


I wanted to follow up with what worked for me, in case anyone came across this.

I never did fully figure out the issue, but I cleared out ALL of my autocat rules and started from scratch, and that certainly worked. I have to imagine that @heather 's suggestion of quote issues had something to do with it, but I couldn’t prove it 100%.

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