Autocat with multiple criteria

I have a few little rentals. I get multiple charges from state farm. I categorize them using the accounts associated with a specific rental unit. I have three accounts (checking, card 1 and card 2) I use for this rental.

Account # Contains = “1004”,“6929”,“2602”
Full Description Contains = State Farm
Category = Rental 1 insurance

Autocat not working

It might be because the quotation marks are curly style and not ASCII. Typing directly into the sheet should give you ASCII.

Good ASCII quotation marks:

Bad curly quotation marks:

OK. I tried entering the quotation marks (on a mac / google sheets) by entering the ASCII codes: (option +[ and option+shirft+[ ) and its still not working… they still appear a bit curly. Ay ideas?

For instance trying to say if Account Contains 1008 or 2880 and Full description contains COX, then set category to utilities for the associated property.
COX “1008”,“2880”

Still not working. I notice when I past into this chat window it changes the look. I added Pic

Yeah, those are curly. I don’t have a Mac to test, but I think it’s Control+" to get ASCII quotes. ASCII quotes are the same for opening/closing quotes, so there’s only one keyboard shortcut needed.

You could experiment with turning off Smart Quotes system wide. I don’t see that option in Google Sheets, though.

Here are examples of ASCII quotes typing directly into Sheets:

And their corresponding formula bar:


If I copy/paste what you provided in text, I get the curly quotes:

I'm using Windows, Google Sheets, Google Chrome.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. You are a genius! I’ve been on the steep part of the learning curve. I’ve been doing a lot of searching in google sheets threads for info on replacing quotes with ascii but not seeing much. I tried the formulaic approach, but pasting these into the cells but I was not sure if that was what you were suggesting.

I did however, take your advice and change the quotes system-wide. This worked. When I typed after the change it entered ascii quotes. Unfortunately I could not use find and replace. I re-typed some and it immediately started working.

Im curious. how would you use these to formulas and why triple quotes in the second formula?

Thank you again!

Good to hear something is working for you :slight_smile:

Those formulas are probably more for illustration than a reasonable work-around.

The triple quotes =""" in a formula is just a way to output a single double-quote, where the outer two double-quotes represents the beginning/end of string and in this case the string is one double-quote.

It does seem odd that all Mac, Google Sheets users would have this issue, by default. I mean spreadsheets are formula based, not word documentation focused. And hopefully it’s possible to have curly quotes enabled in apps where you want them, even with system wide Smart Quotes disabled.