Autofill Category Won't Work on Transactions Tab

I’m trying out Tiller on Excel for Desktop for the first time. I just set up my custom categories on the category tab. When I go to the Transactions tab to go through my transactions and categorize them, it will not autofill the categories. I have to click on the dropdown and scroll through the list of options until I find the right one. This is not scalable to fill out all the rows this way. Am I doing something wrong?

hi @danielwe,

Great question here. Excel desktop client works a little differently than Google Sheets in that it will not begin to auto fill your Categories until you have another instance of the category in the column. Once the category is already in the column it should start auto filling. Excel Online is more like Google Sheets and will auto fill without the need for the category to have already been selected in some other cell in the column.

Let me know if that doesn’t help.