Automatic subtraction of manual transaction from cash account possible?

I created a manual account for cash in my Tiller sheets based on the Tiller Foundation Template. I just added the amount of money I currently hold in cash. Now I added a cash transaction (expense from my cash) manually to my sheets using the Tiller Labs add-on. I successfully created this transaction and it shows in my Transactions sheet as an expense. However, it does not automatically subtract this expense from my Cash account that I previously created. I wonder if this is possible at all and if so do I need to change anything in my settings to make it work? Thank you.

Follow these instructions. Blake

Thank you, Blake. I tried some of the stuff and some works. However, I did not manage yet to automatically subtract expenses from my cash account so it shows in the Balance sheet. I have my cash account set up and I manually put in cash expenses in the Transactions sheet but it does not subtract from the cash balance. Any suggestions what I could do? Thanks.


I do not have a manual cash balance in Tiller. The only thing that comes to mind is the formulas. Make sure the column letters match your sheet. With all the different iterations of sheets out there, sometimes the column letter in the formula is different from the column letter in your sheet. I bet that is the problem provided you are following all the other instructions exactly as written.