Balance History Missing on a Certain Period, Now I See Duplicate Accounts

I think I found out what the issue was. I feel part of it was my fault for not updating my credentials about 4 months ago. I was not actively using Tiller for about 6 months now but it was about 4 months ago that Tiller did not update because of the credentials.

I decided to actually create a new Tiller template, but I first updated my credentials. Once I had all my information imported, I noticed that there is no balance history between mid-August to the beginning of December on all of my accounts.

I tried adding it manually and I would just copy and paste the Account ID but I left the Balance ID empty. It was the first since I came back to Tiller that I saw this Balance ID column.

When I checked the Net worth tab, it created separate accounts for each entry I created and had 15 rows of the same account with a balance 10x more than what I have.

| PERSONAL		                     | $7,863  | $7,863  |
| Online Savings Account (xxxxxx10)  | $4,819  | $4,819  |

| UNGROUPED ASSET                    | $35,311 | $41,906 |
| Online Savings Account (xxxxxx10)  | $4,819  | $4,819  |
| Online Savings Account (xxxxxx10)  | $4,819  | $4,819  |
| Online Savings Account (xxxxxx10)  | $4,819  | $4,819  |

Is there a way to actually fix this?

The Balances template tries to group your accounts based on the Account Id (the Balance Id is not important in this context).

You might try the Repair Balance History workflow in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on.

If that doesn’t full resolve the problem, manually create a filter on the account (maybe using the Account # column) and manually copy the newest/current Account Id into all of the rows. This should resolve your issue.