Balance Only - No Transcations

Is there a way to have tiller update the balance history only and not the transactions? I have some accounts that I’d like to include on a net worth sheet, but are dealing with transaction level information elsewhere.


Based on my understanding, you cannot separate the two.

Workaround - Bring in balances manually or bring in both automatically and then delete transactions.


I created a separate tiller template “investment accounts” where only my investment account transactions are synced and then have my main template refer to the cells containing my balances in my “investment accounts” template. So the balances are updated automatically.


Thanks. I never think of using a separate sheet as I am currently maxed out at the five that Tiller allows per subscription.


I would love this feature too! I like having a list of my credit card balances in a handy format so I can double check they’ve all been recently paid.


If I understand what you are looking for, Tiller already has it. Please look at Account Filter, Balances, Balance History, and Net Worth Snapshot. Are these what you are looking for?