Balance Sheet for my CPA

My CPA is requesting a Balance Sheet from my Tiller data.
Currently I can only run a P&L
This would be a nice feature to add.

I believe the “Balances” tab on the Tiller Foundation Template is what your CPA would want to see. This lists all assets and liabilities.

Yes, the Balances tab is your B/S but please please look at it before you just send it off as it might not be as clean and complete as you might think depending on what you have in your sheet, how it is organized and maintained, etc.

Thanks for all the help!

Any advice on organizing the balance sheet and making it as clean and complete as possible?

@bruceogil, @jonorlin, Tough question without seeing the Tiller sheet and B/S. The most important thing is to look at it before just blindly sending it off. Make it complete by being sure it includes all your assets and liabilities. Also, make sure it does not include assets and liabilities you no longer have. You can clean it up by clearing all the comments that say “updated xxx days ago”. I had about 10 of those I cleaned up the other day. Determine a materiality amount (i.e., forget the little stuff). Is the personal residence (and any debt) included? Are all the retirement accounts and checking/savings accounts included? All the credit cards? CD’s? Stocks and bonds? Maybe include vehicles. Include all debt. Include loan receivables related to any money he has loaned to others. IRA’s? HSA’s? Education accounts like 529 plans? CSV of whole life insurance? These are things to think about including if you have them and they exceed your materiality threshold. I include term life on mine with a zero balance as it is something I do not want to forget about. Here is what mine looks like; descriptions only, no numbers. Notice how you can organize it by appropriately using the Group column on the Accounts tab. The program is really powerful if you know how to make it talk. Thanks, Blake


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Thanks for sharing your setup. Some good advice here.

@Blake has a great set up, I didn’t realize you could reorganize the assets and liabilities so easily with the Tiller template, love it!

I’m happy to share my balance sheet I use as well.