Balances account name returning error

Hello, I’m looking for advice to solve a problem with my Balances page.

I have a group called Property with 3 properties attributed to it.
One of my properties lines is giving me an error where I would expect the name of the property to appear as it does on the other 2 entries.

The value appears to be updating, but not the name. formulas appear the same on the 3 lines yet one line is failing and says #REF! instead of the name of the property.


Advice on how to correct this would be appreciated.

Thank you

Go into your “Accounts” tab, and look for the row with that account in it.
If it’s missing, add it to the bottom of your list of accounts by clicking the dropdown.
If the account is listed but has a red arrow in it, the account name may have changed since you added it. You can click the dropdown and select the correct name.

If you need to change the details of a manual account that you’ve added in the past, you can do it in the Tiller Money Feeds sidebar where it says “manual accounts”.

Thank you for the suggestion.
The accounts tab has all 3 manual accounts listed and appear correct.
Since they were added manually by me they are not connected to an external account and so the name can only change in the spreadsheet. I can’t find a place where they are listed differently.

I used the Sidebar in Manual accounts and updated the value of each property. I changed the group name for each and discovered that the error seems to be restricted to Row 34 on my sheet no matter what account is listed there.

The formula is the same as the surrounding cells except for the values that seem to change appropriately for the cell selected. Is there a way to reset the entire tab to original and let it reload all the accounts again?

Thank you.

Hi @zigbeetle,

You can restore the Accounts sheet using the Tiller Community Solutions add-on. Just make sure you archive existing so you can copy your customization from the archive to the new version. How to use the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on

Another note is that the manual accounts data is in the Balance History sheet and if needed you can modify it there.