Balances - issues after grouping

I was aiming to group my balances based on the video 10 of the youtube series.
It worked for the most part, however these is now 4 blank rows in the middle of my assets.

Savings is not populating as a group.

My IRA is no longer appearing.

Not sure how to resolve or what happened. Advice appreciated!

Are you able to share screen captures of your Balances and Accounts sheets? Maybe hide/redact account#/amounts?

You may also find some clues in the hidden columns on the right-hand side of the Balances and Accounts sheets.

Agreed show us your screenshot and maybe the formula you are using.

its too much personal information to share. was hoping to email to support but couldn’t find any email

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I’ve set up dozens of these and haven’t encountered this before. Maybe restore the template and start over again? Hard to know more without seeing screenshots but understand the hesitation to share publicly.

Stab in the dark: on your accounts sheet, did you try to create any type of Class Override other than Asset or Liability? The edit option is there to create another class, but in my experience, doing so will mess up a whole lot of other things. (Same thing with the Type on the Category sheet–stick to Income, Expense, and Transfer)

You can reach out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at or via the email

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I took your advice and started over again. This time Savings doesn’t populate as a group and my HYSA doesn’t flow to balances. So strange! I’ve tiller with my screenshots showing hidden fields as suggested. Hopefully it is something simple I am missing.

Thanks! Sent them my screenshots.

@LucyS, sounds like you are working this out with support? Let us know if you get this resolved.

Yes they recommended I archive and restore both accounts and balances. That did the trick! Thanks for everyones input and encouragement.

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