Balances Not Updating - Shows 246 Days Ago

In Balances tab only a few of my account balances are actually updating. The majority of them show “246 days ago”, “255 days ago” or "44281 days ago) in the Updated column. No problem with transactions or anything else for these accounts, just the balances on them never update.
I have 7 ungrouped asset accounts and 4 update regularly and three don’t.
I have 12 ungrouped liability accounts and only three update regularly, while 9 do not.

How can i fix this so all my balances update regularly? Thanks!

Try this. Go to the accounts tab. Do the problematic accounts show up in the column titled account? I suspect they do not. Click the down arrow and add them to that column. I bet the accounts that are working show up in that column, right? You can use the group column on the accounts tab to group your accounts as they show on the balances tab. The group names are alphabetically ordered on the balances tab. If you want a different order, use numbers at the beginning of the group name. There is some easy reprogramming you can do to change the ordering rules when you have multiple accounts using the same group name. Let me know if this works so I know for future troubleshooting. Thanks, Blake

My Accounts tab isn’t even there. When I add it it’s completely empty. The Accounts, Class Override, Group snd Hide columns are there but contents are 100% empty. Never seen this tab in the 3+ years I’ve used Tiller.

It is likely there, just hidden. In lower left corner, click on the hamburger icon (an equal sign with 3 lines instead of 2). Do you see it? Does it show anything? If it does, then follow my post. Please advise. Blake

Yes that’s what I did. The sheet is there and has all the column headings but there is nothing in the contents of the sheet. No accounts or anything at all listed in the sheet. The photo I attached to my last post is what is in the Accounts tab.

You may have already done this but go to cell A2 and click on that triangle. Do you see anything?

Yup. All my accounts are in the drop down.

Follow my prior post and let me know how it goes.

Unfortunately that didn’t help. Nothing has changed. Thanks for trying. Hopefully someday the folks at Tiller will help me out with this.

@heather Have any ideas?

This happened to me in the past. I can’t remember if it restoring the Accounts sheet or Balance History sheet from Tiller Labs that fixed it.

First thing to check, @james3332, is if your balances are filling via Tiller Money Feeds into your Balance History sheet. It is possible that the feeds are working but something is broken within the spreadsheet causing the Balances sheet (it may be hidden!) to show old dates.

Check your Balance History sheet and find the most recent entry for some of the dormant accounts. Are the most recent entries really 6 months+ old or are they more recent? If your feeds are working, then the “xxx days ago” issue is probably related to your Accounts or Balances sheet.

Let me know what you find and we can work from there.

P.S. The empty Accounts sheet is not a problem. Accounts only should be listed there if you need to override them. It defaults to empty but should contain all of your accounts in the A2:A dropdowns (as @blake noted).

Hi Randy. Thanks for your thoughts on this. Yes, in the Balance History sheet there are recent entries for balances within the past few days for the accounts not updating on the Balances sheet.
So, it appears the issue is likely related to my accounts or Balances sheets. Thoughts on next steps?


I would manually delete the Accounts and Balances sheets then restore the Balances sheet with Tiller Money Labs (it will install Accounts too).

If you have other sheets that use the Accounts sheet like Net Worth or Business Dashboard, you will need to reinstall those too.

Got things all fixed up now?

Yup. Think I’m all set. Thanks for all your help!