Balances Tab: Include Subtotals by group

It would be great to see subtotals by group in the Balances tab. Currently, we see each total by credit card, but not a subtotal of all credit card liabilities. Same with properties, cars, and liquid cash accounts. It would be nice to see subtotals based on each grouping.


:wave:, @dkushla!

We actually have this built, but we haven’t released it yet.

To get it you would need to

  1. Make sure you have an “Account ID” column in your Balance History sheet. It might be a hidden column, or it might not exist in there yet. You can insert a new column and title it Account ID if it’s not there. The Balance History sheet might be hidden too. Click the four horizontal lines in the lower left to see hidden sheets.
  2. Install the Tiller Labs Solutions add-on
  3. Rename the existing Accounts and Balances sheet in your Google Sheet (maybe something like Accounts-backup and Balances-backup)
  4. Add the “Balances” sheet from the Add a Solutions area of the add-on


This will pull in a new Accounts sheet and Balances sheet for you. (We’re making some changes with how things work and we’re in the process of beta testing - Tiller Feeds Beta Test Sheet - Accounts).

  1. If you’re tracking manual balances in the right side area of the Accounts sheet in your current sheet you would need to now manually add balance history entries for those accounts to the Balance History sheet and create and use the same unique account ID for each balance entry per account (it can be as simple as 1, 2 or 3).

Hope that helps! Let me know if you decide to try these steps and get stuck anywhere.

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I don’t see an Account ID in the sheet, even when I unhide. But even if I create a column not sure what to put in to make the Accounts tab work?


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@dkushla, if you don’t have the Account ID in there, that’s okay. Just insert a new column with “Account ID” as the header in row 1 (no quotes) then if you haven’t already you can click “Update feeds” in the Tiller Bank Feeds add-on and then it should populate account ID data if/when there is new transaction/balance data to pull in.