Bank Feed for Auto Loan PIF

I made the final payment on my auto loan this week but the bank feed is not updating he balance to zero or reflecting the payment even though it shows the payment outflow in the transaction log. I suspect it may be the bank since when I went on the PNC bank website I no longer see the loan account. How do I fix it since I am using the debt planner and thought this would give me the ability to see how it works on this one simple debt. I still show the balance in the balances tab which I though the feed would update. Can I fix with a manual transaction- since it was a final payment?

Congrats on paying it off! Our feeds aren’t always able to grab that zero balance. Here’s how you can create that final balance.

That worked! Thank you Morgan.
My balances are correct but still show on debt planner. Can I hide that line or delete the line?

Happy to help.

You can just delete it by selecting the Account under the All debts column and hitting backspace on the cell that has the name.

Awesome! Thanks again for the help.

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