Bank feed improvements?

Are there any plans to improve the bank feed reliability? It seems that Yodlee alone is a bit intermittent. I notice some other tools have multiple bank feed providers, possibly to have redundancy?

I recently decided to move all my banking from a credit union as their feed has been down for months. I moved to PNC, assuming that it’s one of the top 10 banks (one of the front page ones with a logo when adding a bank feed) so it would have a higher chance of being reliable. But now it’s been down for weeks also.

I love the tool, but not having reliable daily feeds of my bank data makes it unusable.


Tiller has, in fact, indicated that their number one priority at the moment is improving the reliability of bank feeds, including the potential introduction of an additional aggregator.

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@jfeniello It sounds like Tiller answered your request with their major announcement this week about Open Banking support for PNC.

Hi @jfeniello as mentioned by @lava890 we now support open banking for PNC. Be sure to upgrade your connection by June 8, 2024, following the steps on our Help Center here. Open banking connections offer faster, more reliable, and more secure bank feeds to Tiller’s automated personal finance spreadsheets.

Some customers have recently reported seeing some duplicate transactions after migrating. Should you run into any issues with your upgrade please write into

Bank feed reliability is a priority for us this year. In addition to moving many more institutions to open banking, we hope to have alternate data aggregators available later in the year.