Bank of America Credit Cards - auto refresh every 5 days only

I have 3 credit cards that continually show the red Refresh circle on the Account Summary page. Two of the cards are with Bank of America and the other one is with Capital One - which is well documented here that the 2FA needs to be done every single time you want new data.

The Bank of America cards have 2 separate login ids and passwords. Every 5th day (as shown on the Balances sheet “Updated” ), the accounts will refresh along with all the other accounts automatically with no 2FA verification from me. I receive a text with a 6-digit code from Bank of America - and even though I do not enter it anywhere, the accounts update - new transactions download and Balance History receives an updated account value.

If I click the Refresh data button next to the individual account, it also generates a text with a different 6-digit code and I must enter it for the account update to work.

I do not have Auto-Update turned on in the Tiller Money Feeds since Capital One never works without additional intervention anyway.

I don’t understand what is magic about the 5th day which appears to bypass the 2FA. I have deleted and re-added the accounts in case it was something I did when originally setting them up. The accounts are actually on 2 different 5-day cycles right now.

Does anyone else have Bank of America credit cards that update with or without 2FA like this?


I have a BOA credit card and everything is working as expected for me and I am not experiencing anything that you are mentioning.



Thanks for the reply. Maybe I will try removing and re-adding both of them.