Bank of America still not updating (but not listed as an outage anymore)

I have been unable to update my Bank of America accounts for 6 days. Bank of America had been listed in the institutional outages sheet with an ETA of 2/12 (today), and it’s no longer listed. But I continue to get a “We are experiencing technical difficulties” error when trying to update my login information from the Tiller Account Summary.

Is the spreadsheet incorrect, and Bank of America/Yodlee are still experiencing an outage, or is something else going wrong?

Hi @clang1,

It may be a separate issue or could be from the outage that is yet to resolve on your side.

I’d recommend these steps:

  1. Log in to your Tiller Console at
  2. Click Account Summary
  3. Wait for the refresh process to stop (indicated by little spinning wheel).
  4. Click the “refresh” link next to the account if you see it or click gear icon for the account and choose “update login or fix account error” if there is no “refresh” link.
  5. Enter credentials and/or security codes/answers.
  6. Wait for a successful connection.

If that still doesn’t work, please reach out directly to


My Bank of America accounts aren’t updating either and haven’t for several days.

FYI, mine finally began updating again yesterday (3 days after the 2/12 ETA that had been listed in the spreadsheet). If you are having the same problem I was, maybe there are fixes still in the process of being rolled out that will hopefully make it to your account soon.