Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) & NetGuard

Is there anybody here that has successfully linked Tiller to BNZ?

  • Please tell me how you did it
  • How does the refresh work
  • How do you input the coordinate responses

Thanks in advance

Hi @altered-ego,

Looks like we support BNZ at this URL:

If you’re able to get conneced/logged in via that URL you may need to re-authenticate the connection each day to get the data refreshed and available for updating your sheet.

I don’t understand what you mean by “input the coordinate responses” is that some type of 2FA CAPTCHA?

Have you already reached out to about this? If you’re having issues getting a supported account connected we can contact our data provider to get it resolved.


Hi Heather.
Yes, BNZ is listed in your spreadsheet as one of the supported banks. I am aware of that.
BNZ issues a physical card with a grid of numbers called NetGuard. This is their (old school) form of 2FA or you can approve access via the mobile app on your phone.

When I try to link my account, I am prompted with the coordinates of the NetGuard card, but I am having difficulty inputting the values.