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Greetings Tiller Community,

Quick question, this might be my bank protocol, but when I have a “Pending” transaction in my bank online account, Tiller will not feed cleared transactions. My bank has taken a more agreesive approach with Pending tags, and it can be a 3-4 day process to clear. It seems to prevent Tiller & YSL Feeds to my spreadsheet.

Just curious if this happens with other banking institutions??


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In my experience, yes, pending transactions will not import until they are cleared by the bank, but once they do clear Tiller has no problem importing them. One or more pending transactions won’t hold up the import of other transactions or balances.

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Thanks Curtis,

Yes I agree, pending transaction will not import.

What I have found is that the pending transaction prevents any other cleared transactions from downloading from my Bank to Tiller.

I can feed Tiller from other accounts, but the feed is locked on my Bank account (due to the Pending transaction).

I know my bank has taken more of an aggressive approach on pending transactions. Something seems different…………

Thanks Curtis for your time!!

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If you do not believe your cleared transactions are all coming through, I recommend opening a case with the Customer Success team, @hall.thomas.e.

Longer story… Some day, we hope to offer responsive workflows around pending transactions. Yodlee provides APIs to manage pending transactions. We have experimented publishing these transactions to a standalone sheet in the past but that feature has been deprecated. Someday, we’d like to publish them into the Transactions sheet— flagged as pending— and then clear the flag once the transaction has cleared. (At this time, the feeds service does not change records in your Transactions sheet in any way once they have been added.)

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Thanks Randy,

I will contact the Customer Success team!

Thank you!

Tom Hall