Bank Recommendations

We are seeing some higher failures with SoFi today, but generally it’s been working pretty well.

The credit cards account support is currently in beta but the bank, investments, and loans are fully supported right now, though this is considered a low volume site.

I also use fidelity as my primary checking. How do you contend with the ‘sweep’ function where cash is technicallly swept into your core position (money market funds for me)? In Quicken, you can select an option for the ‘cash’ portion of the account to be segregation from the brokerage (stock/funds, etc) portion.

What’s the best way to make sense of it in Tiller?

You may have a different core position than is available to me. My core position is simply labeled “FDIC-Insured Deposit Sweep” and is 1:1 cash held at two different program banks behind the scenes. I’m unable to choose a different Core Position although there is an option to do that.

Thus, I don’t have a separate cash option from a brokerage option. I recall that in Quicken when I was using it and it causing significant issues for me back then. I could never get it to work without breaking our checking account, irreversibly.

We use Fidelity as our primary checking account also. We have check writing for 2 accounts - the CMA and an investment account. I also used Quicken before Tiller and had the separate Cash designations on the accounts.

The CMA is easy because it is only cash.

For the investment account, it is a mix of cash and investments. I have categories Investment Transactions and Dividends/Interest, as well as categories for regular paycheck deposits. I hide the category Investment Transactions from reports. If the Dividends/Interest add to the available cash balance, I use that category. Any investment buy/sell transactions and automatic reinvestments are marked as Investment Transactions. This technically allows my investment account activity in Tiller to just be an available cash tracking account also.

I’m not sure I explained this all very clearly, but Tiller works great with all of our Fidelity account activity and Fidelity credit cards. We’ve been using Tiller since late 2019, and I don’t miss Quicken at all.

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