Bank refuses to support use of Yodlee service

Hello all,

I’m new to the community and have bee using Tiller for 2 months or so. Previously, I had a similar service to the Tiller Feeds add-on through the bank (BB&T) directly and still have about 15 accounts connected to both the Bank service and Tiller Money feeds add-on. Just wrapping up the Test/ break in period with Tiller. I’ll be closing down the BB&T service soon.

Today I was checking into one of the accounts and needed to access the website. The page gave me a notice that my account has been locked and I needed to call Bank customer Service to resolve. I made the Bank Rep aware that I access the account from a mobile app, website, and provided my username/password to the Yodlee service. After putting me on hold to discuss with the dept that was responsible for locking my account, I was forced to change my username and password before leaving the call. I was told I violated bank policy by sharing my access with Yodlee and the bank Rep never heard of such a service before (she was generally rude). I was told not to use this service going forward. I have disconnected my feeds to that account, but the whole experience is a bit difficult to process.

So I thought I reach out here and see if there are others with an experience like this one. The bank in question is M&T Bank, out of Baltimore MD. They are a fairly decent sized institution, with their name on the Baltimore Ravens Stadium. So I feel like integration with services such as Yodlee are not uncommon for such as organization. The BB&T bank service, prior to tiller, has been setup and working fine with M&T Bank since the beginning of October 2019. They most likely use a different back end provider for that service to work.

I find it most inconvenient to have to manually adjust this specific account in my tiller template sheet. I’m not sure If I should just add the new username and password back to my feeds, close the bank account and move on or what. Having all my financial data in one place with out having to run over a hour’s worth of authentication acrobatics is very important to me.


Hi @007jet,

I’m sorry about the experience you’ve had with getting locked out of your account and being told that you shouldn’t connect your accounts to 3rd party services. Some financial institutions do have stricter terms of service than others.

For any data feed related issues, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to and we’ll do our best to help and contact Yodlee directly if we need to.