Bank Statement Reconciliation Issue

I’ve used this for January and February for both my checking account and primary CC and it has worked great. However, ran across an issue with a single transaction with this month’s CC statement. I had transaction refunded from a return I made and the Statements tab flat out won’t recognize that one transaction as a “Net Deposits / Payment” in that column.

I originally had it categorized as a “Refund” and thought maybe that was the issue since payments against my CC are normally categorized as Transfers. I’ve switched it back and forth from Refund to Transfer to no avail. I don’t think Category should matter though as long as their is an Amount tied to my CC account and then tied to that particular Statement?

Regardless, Tiller won’t see it as a deposit/payment in that column. Illustrative example: I spent $100 on this CC statement period. Had a $10 refund and a $90 monthly payment. It will not recognize the $10 refund even though I have assigned it to this statement. The Net Deposits / Payments column is short by $10. The “Net Withdrawals / Charges” column matches fine.

Hmm, I’m wondering if the Statements sheet wasn’t built to handle this scenario. @randy do you recall?

It does look like the formulas in the Statements template rely on the signs of transactions. Can you be more specific about the set of transactions required to reproduce the issue? I think you are saying:

  • Amazon -$100
  • Amazon +$10
  • Credit Card Payment +$90

Is this right?


Yes, that is correct.

So, essentially, your data looks like this…?

I’m going to lay this out as best as I can to convey context. I never noticed you could expand the Tiller Transactions columns to show the Tiller Deposits and Tiller Withdrawal columns in your example. Now that I see that I’m going to expand my example and hopefully not confuse matters…

Transactions (Statement closes on 2/10/2021)
2/7/2021 - Amazon - Refund - $10
2/5/2021 - Amazon - Charge - $100
2/5/2021 - CC Pmt - $1000 (this accounts for all charges made during the statement period)

Statement Details
Deposits / Payment: $990 (this field seems to be missing the $10 refund now that I see it in context)
Withdrawals / Charges: $1000

Tiller Transactions
Tiller Deposits: $10 (matches refund amount)
Tiller Withdrawals: $1000

Net Deposits / Payments +$1000
Net Withdrawals / Charges - MATCH

I hope this makes sense and thank you for your help!