Bank transactions daily only. How do I get a 30 day history?

I struggled to get one of my bank accounts to download transactions. Now that the Tiller Feed is working for that account, I have received only one day’s transactions. How do I get a 30 day history like the rest of my accounts. I just started Tiller and need all transactions for the month to populate my budget.


I think that feed process is not working completely as you should get 90 days. In the meantime, go to your bank’s online account and download the past history to a CSV file. Then, you can copy/paste that data manually into your Tiller sheet.


Thanks for that info. This is a work around that is labor intensive. Someone at Tiller is intervening with Yodlee to find out what happened. Hopefully they will fix it. Otherwise I will have no other option but to manually import that data. This is not a good way to begin with Tiller. I take it as a bad omen of more bugs to follow.

I have wellsfargo accounts - just started with Tiller and downloaded 90 days transactions without problem…however, I want to do my 2019 taxes and download the whole year…yes, I understand (and did get my CSV file) but it is an enormous job to clean up and add manually…There is a wellfargo dialog to upload transactions but you specify a date range (that’s how I got my years transactions in a CSV file) …Tiller not presenting that dialog for interaction so it appears that automation not possible here…hymmm

Where is help video or FAQ regarding how to exactly format CSV file for compatible paste… I did see it
once but cant find it again - searching hasnt found it - I kkep getting error message when I try to paste - looks like column widths have to match - this is daunting!