Basic Emergency Fund Template (looking for feedback)


I wanted a simple sheet to calculate my monthly expenses and check that against my savings, so I can understand how well-prepared I am in case of an emergency. The Net Worth sheet doesn’t help me understand how much liquid cash I have, and just looking at the number on the balances sheet doesn’t make it clear how many months of runway I have.

I moved recently, and having the sheet autofill based on the Category sheet was really useful. I didn’t see one like this in the template gallery so I’m sharing here.


Copy the template from here to your Foundation Template powered sheet.

Are there dependent sheets?
Accounts, Balances, Categories


  1. Set the category that has all your monthly expenses in step 1.
  2. Select accounts that have liquid cash in them you want to count towards your emergency fund
  3. at the bottom of your accounts, tick the box if you want to subtract your current credit card balances from the total


This Sheet should give you an idea of how many months you could scrape by on emergency savings on. I added the option to subtract credit card balances to give myself an idea of exactly how much truly liquid, unreserved cash I have on hand. I plan to use this to encourage me to save and tell me when it’s time to shift focus to other investments.


Is it ok for others to copy, use, and modify your workflow?
Feel free to copy/modify/redistribute. I’d appreciate a link back here or to my website.

Future changes

I figure this is a common need, so I’m thinking of ways to make this easier for more people to use:

  • make the design …nicer? I don’t have a good eye for this
  • Allow for multiple categories to define monthly expenses
  • Add fixed additional amount to each month
  • Allow for any number of accounts
  • Make the account math more flexible, allow any number of subtractions of different categories of accounts
  • more? let me know

I tried this out. Pretty cool Idea and looks great! I did have errors that I was able to correct by changing the column that is being referenced. I’m not sure if it was referencing the wrong columns because I have changed/added some or not. It’s a very likely possibility it was because I changed some of my sheets and not with your actual formula. It was pretty easy for me to fix.

What I changed for my use and what might make this easier for some people is maybe instead of the user choosing what category to use for those emergency expenses (because everyone might not want to put all their emergency fund expenses in the same category), make this dependent on tags column and then the user just adds a “Emergency” tag or something to that effect to the expenses they will still have in “emergency mode”.
Then instead of it looking under category column for “Bills”, have it look in the tags column for all the expenses that include the tag “Emergency”. That way they aren’t having to change the way they categorize things, they just add an “Emergency” tag.
Overall, a great idea and pretty solid execution!

Again, great idea! I love it!