BECU weirdness x2

  1. Always my BECU visa shows a credit as a debit in Tiller. I currently have a credit on my visa bill (cash back) but Tiller says it’s a debit. Anyway to change this or do I just live with it?

  2. Over the weekend, I had a deposit of $360 into one of my savings accounts. This morning, Tiller got two balances for that same account. The first one it got was correct. The second one ignores the $360. So now my Tiller sheet shows the deposit transaction with the wrong balance.

Why two hits on the balance and why are they different?

Not to solve the issue but as a FYI. I have a similar issue with my credit union where I see wrong polarities and also duplicate transactions, not just balances. I wasn’t able to solve it so I just flagged it for manual flipping of the polarity and deleting any duplicates.

Excellent info. Thanks!