Best Credit Cards to use with Tiller

In the past, I’ve selected credit cards based on the best customer service, or more recently the best website. Now that I’m a loyal Tiller user (over 2 years, wow!) what I would like to know is this:

Which credit cards have the best data-exchange with Tiller?
(ie - which will post data to my spreadsheet quickly?)

Is this something that TillerHQ would be interested in sharing with its customers?



@matthew.tomlinson this is a great question!!

I know based on our internal team that Simple’s accounts sync quickly and reliably, and I have an Amazon Prime Visa that is pretty fast and reliable, but I’m sure there are others. It’s not a comprehensive list we have right now, but perhaps something we can crowdsource via the community (or memo) and would definitely share.

Thanks for asking! Hoping others will post their experience with the “best” cards here.

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I’ve had almost no issues ever with my Amex and Synchrony cards. My Capital One card acts up sometimes but only needs me to login again.


My Discover card works reliably. I always see recent activity in my Tiller sheets within one day. Also, my fiancée (which I always misspell as “finance”) and I both have individual Simple cards plus a shared Simple account. We also use Simple’s shared goals savings accounts. All feed perfectly into my Tiller Sheets.

I personally use Citi, Chase, Bank of America, USAA, and Amex - all with good success.

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I have had trouble with Capital One as well. Off and on, I have had issues with all my credit cards in Tiller but generally they all work well…BofA VISA, Various Chase VISA’s, Discover, Fidelity VISA.

Generally, on the topic of credit cards, I have found this site to be helpful.

Here is something Tiller posted recently.

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I’ve had no issues with my Discover, Costco Visa and BofA Master Card - all have worked reliably.

I’ve had issues with Kohl’s credit card, most times need to send text to get past synch balances.

I really wanted to use Tiller spreadsheets but it wasnt automating. It would not import my capitalone accounts and whats the point of a tiller account if it will not automate, which is the main reason you get a tiller account

Jeremy - Do not give up. Please reach out to customer support.

Heather - Any help you can provide would be appreciated.



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I don’t want to give up, but I did pull out of my thirty day trial. I really do like what I see from Tiller and have nothing but good things to say about Tiller and it’s security.

It’s not Tiller nor is it capital one. I use capital one for checking and credit and they helped me pull my credit out of a bankruptcy into a rating that’s well over 700.

I’m not angry at either side. It’s the 2fa. I do not like capital ones choice of 2fa. Texting code is just begging for a spear Phishing campaign like what recently happened to YouTube creators. I have asked capital one several times to use security key dongles instead of text. Text code can be intercepted and complicates machine learning automation. Security key dongles like Yubikey and Google Titan are superior security.

I’m willing to try again

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The new Apple Card (through Goldman Sachs) is becoming pretty popular, and I find myself using mine quite a bit due to the cash back on ApplePay transactions. My question is - can I sync this up to Tiller? I don’t find any sort of connection for it on the site.

Thanks, Tom

:wave:, @jeremymartin72!

I would give it another try in a few weeks :slight_smile:

Our data provider is currently working to fix a widespread outage affecting Capital One bank and credit card accounts.

The known symptoms are:

  • accounts requiring daily re-authentication
  • refresh errors
  • cannot re-connect or add credit card accounts
  • not receiving transactions from Cap One

They’ve provided us with an estimated fix date for this issue, which you can find here:

In our experience, these ETAs can continue getting pushed so our best recommendation is to manually track this account until it’s working properly and check the Institution Outage Dashboard regularly.

Thanks for your patience!


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@TomWIN - I believe that Apple has explicitly blocked data providers and 3rd party tools from access the data feeds for the Apple Card.

Ugh - thanks, though!

Holly cow. There is 85 on that list, including some nationwide institutions. Wow.

Don’t use AMEX. The integration/sync has been down since October 7th with no solution in site or update from support. My transactions are still not showing. It’s October 14th.