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This is a great question and helpful feedback on the way the Tiller Money team shares & communicates.

If you don’t already subscribe, the Tiller Money Memo is a great place to start. Each week, @Heather, @Edward and @Peter highlight a few exciting developments across the breadth of the Tiller Landscape: banking updates, Tiller Money Feeds add-on improvements, interesting threads in this community, and new features & templates in the Tiller Money Labs add-on.

Another way to catch up is to search the Community on the labs-roundup tag. These posts are whats-new updates for the Tiller Money Labs add-on. I usually post one every few weeks.

Both the Memo and the Roundup are easiest to digest a little each week as updates are posted. I see your point that if you now have bandwidth/capacity, there isn’t a quick summary for catching up on everything…

We don’t want to keep creating new communication channels, but, at the same time, we to make sure the ones we have are well-suited to everyone’s needs.

Do you have any suggestions for how we can do better?