Best Practice - Update Transactions ONLY from Tiller Feed Addon?

Is it best to add an account using the Tiller Feed Add-on OR the account list? I will use AutoUpdate in the Feed Add-on to update, but where is best to add the account?

Or in theory, does it make no difference?

(I want to be consistent in the future; I had a single bank and its multiple accounts show up with separate duplicate feed connections [in both places]; to delete the one duplicate set of those bank accounts, I was told by tiller support to use and believe I HAD to use the account list.)

@Larry In theory, it does not make a difference. In my opinion, going to is the tried and true method.

For efficiency purposes, adding an account in the Tiller Feed Add-on makes sense. When troubleshooting issues, such as your duplicates issue, it’s easier to do this from the Tiller Console.