Best way to categorize transfer like atm and cashapp/venmo?


Looking for advice to categorize transfer when I pay for stuff via cash app or venmo. I budget it and know when I do that it’s under one of those categories. But to keep it simple to transactions and budgets.

How do you recommend I do this?

I have a manual account called “Cash”. If I did an ATM withdrawal, I’d mark the bank transaction as transfer, then create a matching manual deposit categorized as transfer in the Cash account. If I then bought something with cash, I’d create a manual withdrawal transaction with the category for what I spent it on. I don’t use cash very often so this isn’t much work for me, might be a bit cumbersome for those that use cash frequently.

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Another option— for Venmo at least— is linking your Venmo account in the Tiller Money Console or using the Venmo CSV with the Line Item Import Tool.

I have venmo linked to my Tiller account and it updates just like everything else, doesn’t require any special treatment.

I didn’t know you could link Venmo. That’s awesome, will do that.

how about cashapp?

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Got venmo connected. This will make it much easier.

Any idea why cashapp won’t connect?

I don’t use that one but if it’s not supported they probably don’t offer a suitable interface for Yodlee to scrape data from. You could enter manual transactions and update a manual account for the balance. If you use it a lot that might be a hassle, but it’d be the most accurate way.

Also a great discussion on this over here: