Best Way to "Save" "Archive" "Version" -- before making big changes!

When you are about to make some big (some risk of creating bigger issues) to your Tiller sheet, what is the best practice way to preserve everything to return it as it was - IF you screw up, lol?

Create a new named version, save as (where what name, and how restore), etc.?

Thanks, basic and thought I was clear, but like feedback | help on fundamental issue!

@Larry do an “update sheets” and then do a “named version” under Version History. You can restore to that point and should be all set if you made sure to get everything updated first.

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If you are making a lot of changes I make a complete copy. just go File - Make a Copy. Then if I screw something up, I just rename the copy, connect the tiller add-on to the new sheet and I am off.

if you are just making changes to a single sheet, I just copy the sheet in the workbook. Click on sheet name and go Duplicate or Copy To.


I have found version restore to be VERY hit or miss.

About once a week AND before any changes that aren’t just an update, I always do a File>Make a Copy. I keep a folder on Google Drive called Tiller Backup. I clean up (delete the old ones) periodically but I always know there is at least one and maybe more good versions in that folder. And those versions have saved my bacon more than once.


With this workflow, don’t you get duplicates of the transactions that were already in the sheet when you re-connect to the Tiller Money Feeds add-on and feed data in?

While I mostly only copy individual sheets and try to maintain only one transactions and budget history sheet. I have seen it where you get a few duplicate transactions when restoring a whole workbook. . HOwever, it isnt many. I am not sure how much history the Add-on maintains but I havent had to remove more than a day or so of duplicate transactions. Im insterested in what you see?