Best way to track Pay stub entries?

My paystub has 11 different line items that I track in Tiller with different categories. For example, three different insurance items are categorized as Health Insurance, while four tax lines are Withholding. Each month they are all generally the same. Currently, I keep the 11 items in a “holding” tab in tiller. When a paycheck is sync’ed into the Transactions sheet, I add 10 lines, copy the original line down 10 times so all the metadata is on all 11 lines, then then copy the info from the holding sheet which replaces the description, category, and amount - with the total still being the same as the original “net” paycheck.

This is quick and efficient for me and much faster than splitting the transaction 10 times. Are there any bear traps that I should be aware of in doing it this way, or any better ways to do it?

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Here’s how I was doing mine: My Method for Including Paycheck Deductions
I’ve since tweaked it a bit, changing the list of paychecks to be vertical instead of horizontal, and including future pay periods, so all I have to do is confirm the deductions match the new pay stub, then copy the transactions (they are generated by a vlookup of the list based on todays date) to the Transactions sheet. Note that I don’t copy the metadata from the paycheck transaction (I don’t see the other deductions relating to the gross payments, so I don’t think the other metadata should relate) and I haven’t run into any issues.

Thanks jpfieber - pretty similar to mine but a little more sophisticated. SO I’m on the right track.