Bill Payment Tracker Format Issue

Noticed a formatting issue with the Docs: Bill Payment Tracker. The date column under Bill History Query loses its formatting after the 5th month.



PS: Even though all my bills are auto paid this has already proven useful in that I previously didn’t notice that my Netflix bill was higher than usual. :slight_smile:

PPS: I think it would be neat to see some more info, such as a total and average, under the query. Total would be good for helping spot potential targets for cutting back expenses (for me at least, it’s a lot easier to justify paying a few bucks a month for something than paying hundreds of dollars a year). The average is useful for planning ahead.

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Hi @aronos,
Thanks for alerting us to this formatting issue. We have just pushed a fix for this and it should be available very soon. The new version of the sheet is 1.01.

Thanks also for pointing out a good use case even for people who autopay. Yes, it helps keep track of your bill payment history.

We will consider the total and average idea. For now, you could add the average using =average(J6:J21) somewhere on the sheet.


best kept secret…sort transactions tab by category with secondary sort on date backwards. very very powerful. B

I do this sometimes when I think about it… then I get mad at myself for not putting it back haha


Is it possible to have recurring options of weekly, fortnightly, and yearly? Or how can it be achieved in current Bill Payment Tracker settings?

@adekunledauda, on this new Bill Payment Tracker sheet you can set the interval for the bill in the Bill Setup section.

As you will see from the Bill Payment Tracker documentation linked to above, the bill frequency options are:

Monthly, Every 2 Months, Quarterly, Twice a Year and One-Time only

Since the checkbox columns are by month only, options for weekly or fortnightly (every other week) are not available.

But as the FAQ notes:

You could setup 2 monthly bills and call them Payee 1 and Payee 2. You would need to adjust your Transactions sheet to match these names in order for the Last Paid, Last Amount and Bill History Query to work.

We have added the option for a Yearly bill (every year on the same date) in addition to One-Time bill (just once.)

This will be available shortly from the Tiller Money Labs Add-on.

Huh, I thought the “one-time” option was an oddly named “annual.” It actually worked the same, as I had put in an annual payment (for Tiller, in fact) with a start date of Nov 2019 and it showed the box for Nov 2020 and listed it as upcoming for next month.

Hi @aronos,
Have you updated to the new Version 1.02?
In that version, one-time just happens on the 1st payment Due date but yearly will happen every year on that date.

In the earlier version, the one-time option happened yearly which was a mistake.

The formula in the hidden Due column has been revised so both options work the way they sound. Is that not happening for you in the 1.02 version?


I haven’t yet because it’s working and I’m not sure I’m going to keep using this sheet, but I definitely wanted to try it out. :slight_smile: (Also on the last upgrade I accidently overwrote instead of archive and haven’t been motivated enough to redo all of my entries yet)

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I am not sure where to do it, but I would be in a vote for a weekly, and two times a month options for bill frequency.
Kirk Peterson